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Rabab Player

Enjoy The Traditional Kirtan When You Hire Our Rabab Players

Rabab was the shadow of Guru Nanak and his Raba followed him for more than 27 years when he traveled. The Raba was played by Guru Nanak’s companion Bhai Mardana. This was what started the tradition of Kirtan among the Sikhs. The Sikhs used to sing the Kirtan according to the divine order and they used to follow the musical mood.

The Rabab is a fretless, plucked instrument that has five strings. The music from the Rabab is soothing to the ears and if you want your guests to enjoy listening to the Rabab at your event then hire Art and Artists to arrange for the best Rabab players for your function.

A music show enhances any event

Be it a wedding or a corporate event, a music show does stand out as the perfect form of entertainment. Most of the ceremonies today arrange live band singing popular songs. However, this has now become very common and nothing is unique about it. Why not try something different in your event? Hire the Rabab players from us who will surely give a different feel to your guests. Trust me your guests are going to appreciate your arrangement. Our Rabab players are well trained to perform at various events so be rest assured that you can hire them for any formal or informal event that you may be hosting.

Our players are an entertainer

Our Rabab players do not just play fine music but they are entertainers too. They are well-versed to add the temperament to any wedding. Along with good music, our Rabab players also come well-dressed in the traditional attire that adds to their charm. In the end, your guests will surely get overwhelmed by the performance that they display.

We fulfill our client’s demands

Our Rabab players fulfill all the demands of the host and the guests. If our guests desire we can also make some alterations to the attire that our Rabab players wear when playing at the event. Many of our guests have requested for the change in clothing of our Raba playersin the past to make the colour of the attire of the Raba players matches the aesthetics of the venue setting. .

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