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Sarangi Player

Hire Sarangi Players From Us To Make Your Event Stand Out

Sarangi is a musical instrument that finds a lot of use in Hindustani classical music. The instrument is popularly known as the “instrument of a hundred colors”. Shaped liked a bowed string the Sarangi has a resonance that resembles the voice of humans.

If you are looking for Sarangi artists to hire for your wedding, reception, corporate event or any other social event then hire trained and professional Sarangi players from Art and Artists.

Hire professionals Sarangi players through us

We at Art and Artists understand music. We also understand the importance of organizing a hassle-free event. We thus cater to the demands of all our clients with the utmost sincerity.

Live bands and dance performances have become common in all parties. However, there is nothing unique about them. This is when our special guests start hunting for ways to make their parties stand out and most of the time reach us.

Why are we different from our peers?

There are many event management companies that will let you hire sarangi players through them. But we proudly say that our services are unmatched. We have taken care to hire only those Sarangi players who know the art form. Our players have been in this industry for years and they do not just play the instruments but are also crowd pullers. You can hire the sarangi players through us all through the year. Just drop us an email or call us on our number and we will set up an appointment with you to discuss the details further.

Music evokes the Gods

Your guests are sure to appreciate your initiative when you hire Sarangi players to play at your event. The melodies of music will let your guests soothe down and destress. The Sarangi players that we send to perform at your event consider music to be a part of their life. Their life depends on the instrument and the strings and it is entrenched into his soul. This is why when you hire our artisans you will get to listen to music that not just depicts cultural heritage but comes directly from the heart of our talented players.

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