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Santoor Player

Leave Your Guests Spellbound When They Hear Our Santoor Players

Santoor is an integral part of our countries classical music tradition and I can challenge you that you will not be able to find one person who has not been awestruck by listening to the Santoor being played. The instrument is adaptable and versatile and this is what makes it even more in demand. There are many musical instruments that are played globally that resemble the Santoor, but they fail to match the quality of music that a Santoor can make.

We have talented artists that play the traditional Santoor

At Art and Artists, hire our Santoor players who know the traditional art form. The instrument is played sitting in the Ardha-padmasana position and the Santoor is placed on the top of the lap. The broadside of the Santoor is placed close to the waist and the shorter side is kept away from the player. Light wooden mallets that are held with both hands are used to play the instrument.

Our skilled players know this art form and they play the Santoor without making any changes to the way the musical instrument was originally played. Our Santoor players use light strides and glide because the instrument has to be played very delicately. Different strokes make different sounds and this is what creates melodious music. Our Santoor players canplay the Santoor alone or in an orchestra with other musical instruments.

We have a team of highly skilled Santoor players

You must have already understood that playing the Santoor is no easy task and that it can be played only by someone who is well versed in this art form. We at Art and Artists have done a lot of hard work to hire the best Santoor players who can put up the best performance in any event or social gathering that you may be hosting. Our Santoor players play a range of melodious songs that is sure to get your guests in a meditative mode. Our artists come dressed in the traditional attire to match the aesthetics of your decor and they then perform and hit the right chord in everyone’s heart.

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