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Sarod Player

Dance to the tune of our Sarod players

Sarod is a stringed instrument that is used in Hindustani classical music. The classical sarod is around 100cms in length and the body is slightly waisted. It also has a skin belly.

The Sarod player will have to hold the instrument across his lap and pluck the string of the Sarod with a plectrum that is held in his right hand. The fingernails on his left hand will press the strings.

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We have a huge network of musicians who are well trained and skilled in playing musical instruments. Thus you can rest assured that the sarod player who will be coming at your event is well versed in his art form.

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If you wish to look at our past performance then we are happy to share it with you. Our music has soothed many ears and has also reached out far and wide. We perform all over India and have extensively held shows at various functions. You can thus trust our Sarod players to put up the best show at your event.

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